Monday, January 30, 2012

Rich Jacob's Opening

                                          The Spencer!!!!
                                                               Spencer and Kate

                                      Special Thanks to Carl  and Hex
                                       Rich, Kristen,Rory, and Howard
                                     Rich and Neck
                                                         Acko or Attiba 
                                                     Gary Davis and Ben Jones
                                            The one and only Tim Kerr
                                            Carla, Lister,Dana,Neck and Friends

                              Newlyweds Nina and Spanky

                                                       Tino and Rich
                         Rich's 12 year old  Protege and his artwork

                              Big Thanks to Amos for taking down the Drugs
                            Crew  Installation and fixing the gallery
                                                      Super Dog--- Street Dog
                              Photographer Tobin Yelland

                                                 Mel and Jim

                            NIA amazing assistant of yesteryear:
                            Aya and zine maker Yoshitaka
                                     Dana and Sarah

Multi-talented--Painter,image maker, curator, musician -- Rich Jacobs had an opening here last weekend.
Many of the original gallery goers  and artists came on by to hang with Rich and trip on his art-- Tim Kerr,Tobin Yelland,Chris Johanson,Gary Davis  and Aya Muto to name a few.
 Rich has been developing his own  style of abstraciton for many years. Rich is showing also his signature figuration.
The show was a total crowd pleaser and shows a sincere artist's
developed vision at it's finest.
Rich also put a sweet small group show together of his artist
Hope you can make it by the gallery 7920 Santa Monica 90046
last day is Feb. 18th 
gallery hours 1-6 Tuesday-Saturday or by appointment.

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