Thursday, November 27, 2008

A wide view of Deanna Templeton's Show at New Image Art

Love Deanna's photos of her friends swimming in her OC home's pool.
We will be taking them to Miami.

Ed took the shots of the gallery.

Ed T's photos of a homeless woman

Here are some pics Ed took of a homeless woman passed out on our next door neighbor's landing during his wife's Deanna's opening. Liz Rice and I were outside and we grabbed ed to take a photo of her. she looked totally sensual as well as deeply tragic
in a twisted yet beautiful way. She reminded me of
an updated--- urban version of the French Painter Henri Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy painting.
Ed being sooo sensitive - was debating if it was ok to take her photo.
He did not want to take advantage of the situation...
We encouraged him to do it for art's sake and not miss the shot of her under the moon light i mean neon light.
So he slowly goes up to take the shot and out of no where
come her men really pissed off.
Somehow ed got out of it unscathed.
I gave the guys some water for her,closed the metal security door and got a drink.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Date Farmers 2008

We just got some new Date Farmers stuff in this morning! we love them and were sure you will too, check it out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Date Farmers Show December 13th - Jan. 10

Date Farmers

Tell Them Willy Boy Was Here

and in the project room:

The Cat House

opening reception: December 13th 7-10pm

show runs Dec. 13,2008 - Jan. 10,2009

Music provided by: DJ Alf Alpha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Faile Show In London

Faile sent me these images and will have work in our Anniversary show Jan 2009. Their show 
looks totally amazing. Passionate and Political. 
Bold new imagery capturing the recent  atmosphere of the US of A's  political climate. 
Faile's on going theme of Good vs. Evil is depicted in their  highly sophisticated typography  and their elaborate figuration of
American Indian motifs, women and warriors...  
 These paintings somehow capture the pre- election feeling - good vs evil. You know the outcome! 
 I saw these works in their NYC studio  pre show.
Am totally in awe of Faile's brave  growth as visionaries of our time.
 This  work needs to resinate for it's true meaning and depth to surface. Like all great art -- it depicts the times 
in which it was created pushing the  general public to catch up. 

fAile Show In London

Suzannah Sinclair and Girl Talk

Here are a few pieces headed for Miami from Suzannah Sinclair.
We are bringing amazing work. So please visit us in Miami and meet many of our artists!
We found out Girl Talk is playing December 3rd on the Beach There.
Not too shabby!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Come join us at Aqua Art Miami

Please join us at the Aqua Hotel in Miami Beach

preview: Wednesday evening
December 3: 7 - 10pm

Event schedule:
December 4/5/6: 11am - 8pm
December 7: 11 - 4pm

located at 1530 Collins Ave. (South Beach)
room 201

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ed Templeton's Show

Hey if you have not gone west of LaBrea yet to Ed Templeton's Culver City show -- It is a must see. 250 works. And well worth
the drive out of the East Side!
The opening was jammed packed. Here are some pics of the opening and some of his art.
Get out of your rut and get over to this show!