Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miami preview

"mirror mask"
A lovely piece by Gustavo and Otavio painted for our New Image Art Pop up in Miami at Cafeina!!!
Love you Guys and many Thanks!!!!
Also a big shout out to David Garcia for shooting these photos while works were going out the door to be crated.

The Start of Something Good!

Rae of San Paulo and Gavin up top filming and never missing a trick!

Gustavo,Otaviao painting at Retna's Studio for our show in Miami!
It is amazing to see Os Gemeos work. The paintings are done almost exclusively with spray paint in their mastered insane style.

Retna graciously opened his studio to Os Gemeos while
he painted his massive works for his show with Primary Flight.
This spells RETNA!!!!!

Cleon's Opening

Chris Johanson and Christopher Garret in our newly fixed up storage space
(thank you Amber) DJing and performing live....

Tobin and our fave Femme Fatal: Cheryl Dunn
Photographer and video artist Tobin Yelland, Kellie, CoCo and friend.
Julie, Jose and Amber

Aussie artist - Kill Pixie and Cleon Peterson
Amy Jo Diaz,Julie's Boyfriend, Julie Machado and Jose Parla
Cleon had a super opening last week.
We had a steady flow or art stars and tons of his friends showed up.
His work is other worldly and Miami bound at the moment.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Skullphone Makes The Wall Street Journal

Trespass: Looking at the History of Uncommissioned Art

Paul Redmond
Front of TASCHEN Store Beverly for Trespass Launch Art by Skullphone

Last night at the Taschen bookstore in Los Angeles, Ethel Seno, critic and Senior Editor of Paper Magazine Carlo McCormick and Marc and Sara Schiller of the Wooster Collective came out –- along with over 300 eager fans — to celebrate their take on the new rebels of the art world in their book Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Art. The tome is a collaboration celebrating the global phenomenon of graffiti and unsanctioned art and a historical retrospective of sorts and discusses the methods behind the art of spray painting and the impact the genre had on the art world for nearly four generations. Featured works include pieces by artists including Guerrilla Girls, Ron English, Skullphone, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy.

“There are a lot if street art books, but no books that put street art into historical context and take a broader view of the movement to include performance, interventions, protests and graffiti,” said Sara Schiller, who together with husband Mark curated the majority of the images in Trespass. “The way this stuff works in our urban environment is, it’s an interruption,” mused McCormick, who wrote and titled the book, (while Ethel Seno was the editor who pulled it all together and now is working with MOCA’s Jeffrey Deitch, who came in support, as well as the co-curators of his upcoming show “Art in the Streets”, Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose). “It’s an intervention,” added McCormick. “Making people question reality; that’s the ultimate provocation and the best way to reach them.”

Paul Redmond
Sara Schiller, Jeffrey Deitch, Marc Schiller

The book includes dozens of previously unpublished artworks and photographs, as well as an exclusive preface by the ever elusive Banksy. While he wasn’t there, (or maybe he was; we’ll never know) many of the artists in the book were on hand including Ron English, the aforementioned Skullphone, and photographer Craig R. Stecyk, who were all thrilled at the chance to participate. “… We were able to focus on unauthorized pieces which take into account a specific motivation of the artist,” said Ms. Schiller about her street art literary homage. “These artists risk arrest and spend time and money to make art that may only last minutes. This aspect needed to be examined.”

Preview: Cleon Peterson - ‘Daybreak’ @ New Image Art

Check out Arrested Motions posting for our Cleon Peterson Show opening this Saturday.
Special thanks to Arrested Motion and Patrick Nguyen for writing the post.

Please also see the Cleon Peterson interview from "The World's Best Ever"

and another blog




Preview: Cleon Peterson - ‘Daybreak’ @ New Image Art

The art of Cleon Peterson has never been for the fainthearted. LikePieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting The Triumph of Death, his unapologetic, graphic depictions of acts of brutality are both disquieting and strangely captivating. Daybreak is the artist’s latest solo show opening this Saturday, November 20th at New Image Art Gallery. The exhibition, which draws inspiration and its title from Nietzsche’s Daybreak: Reflections on Moral Prejudices, marks Peterson’s powerful return with another morally ambiguous and beautifully composed orgy of violence.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chris Johanson and Christopher Garrett will be the DJ at Cleon's opening this Saturday

The amazing Chris Johanson and Christopher Garrett will be DJing Cleon's opening. Does it get any better than that?
Thanks Chirs and Christopher!!!! You both totally rule!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Book Signing at Taschen BH for TRESPASS

Movin' on up to the West Side for the not to be missed book signing for TRESPASS
at Taschen Books.
There will be an art installation by Skullphone. Also Poppie is throwing an after party
so be prepared for the unexpected!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frieze and Moniker London

Damien Ortega's beautiful kinetic sculpture at Frieze

Awesome installation by Brazilian artist Titi Freak at Moniker Art Fair
While in Oaxaca a few months ago I met these Mexican artists.
Here they are with their fab Spanish art dealer.

Ben Eine installation
SF artist and xpat Rebecca Miller and son.
Herakut Installation
The Girl with the Tempelton Tatoo!

Photographer Spencer Tunic stopped by

This is not a automat for sushi -- it is however a Damien Hirst

Phallus cart by Christo!
Los Angeles Art dealer Javier Perez
A portrait by the late and great New Yorker, Alice Neal reminds me a bit
of Lucian Freud's work. Perhaps it is the earthy palette, expression and intimacy of the subject.