Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Things That Unexpectidly Inspired Me

On My Way Surfing today I saw this amazing Billboard transformed by Aeroms on the 10 freeway.
It is absolutely breathtaking and you have to work at seeing it while dodging cars...

Last night I went to a bunch of openings in BH-- Wilshire Blvd Area.
The show at Marc Selwyn Fine Art was my favorite. My inner art nerd was in hog heaven.
Andrzej Zielinski's art was the stand out.
His thickly painted,tightly drawn paintings of machines read abstractly . Zielinski's pallet is beautiful and his paint
surface is sensual and thick while being conservatively precise,and minimal.
If you are a serious nerd like me and into strong painting and solid curation this show is a goodie.

Andrzej Zielinski
Lap Tops Never Looked So colorful.. But then again
have you seen the new Macs or the ones by Vivien Tam??--- lap tops being lugged on fashion runways. I don't think so...

Inner Art Nerd Statement:
Zielinski's simplistically designed cubes function as a symbol for the alienation that lap tops have created in our society.

Here Andrzej Zielins uses the same
feeling and palette of a Matisse painting (think gold fish bowl) in his version of an ATM.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Date Farmers Panther Painting

Armando was in town and dropped this painting off the other day. It looks even better in person.

Karen Finley Performance Tomorrow Night in NYC

Karen Finley

Impulse to Suck
The separation of sex and state
Saturday, May 30 at 8:00PM

at The Cherry Pit
155 Bank Street
New York, NY - New York 10014
between Washington and West Streets

Karen Finley was in Albany on March 10, 2008 to hear a speech from Governor Eliot Spitzer on Reproductive Health. Instead, Spitzer performed an apology for his involvement in a prostitution ring -- with his supportive, devastated wife Silda standing next to him. IMPULSE TO SUCK uses the illicit sexual encounter, the confession, the apology, and many other facets of the scandal to examine the intimate lives of our political leaders.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Call Me Quentin Tarantino

A few months ago I was in NYC for the Armory and all the shows going on then. Of course I visited some of my favorites..........
Here is a movie I filmed on the way to Bast's studio.
I am editing a longer one that I made in his Brooklyn Studio.
When I am with Bast all of my DNA goes Brooklyn.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anthony Lister News!

If you happen to be in Australia make sure to check out Mr. Lister's upcoming exhibition at Kings Cross in Sydney this July! We're looking forward to having Anthony back at New Image for another knock-out solo show this September as well - definitely not one to be missed!!

New things at Busy-Being.com

Hi All!
It's Amber, Assistant Director here at New Image Art & proprietor of Busy-Being. I recently updated the site, so stop by and check it out if you have a moment. Thanks!
ceramic cup by Katsuo Design

2 new prints by Kelsey Brookes

Blue Deer & Red Fox book by Clare Rojas

Bunnyfish toy by Kozyndan

Handpainted prints by Kime Buzzelli

David Ellis Solo Show: Opening June 6, from 7-10pm

David Ellis: Constant Flow
New motion work, paintings, and sculpture.
Opens Saturday June 6th, 7 to 10pm

We will have images and further details soon.
So please check back.

check these videos out!!
#1 David Ellis: 8 Million Stories

#2 David Ellis: How it Works


Call for asap art donations for a real cause....

I'm emailing you because one of my favorite people, Justin Van Hoy, (which
some of you may know) has been suffering and battling with Leukemia for
quite some time now. He has just been released from being in the hospital
for 3 months undergoing chemo for the 2nd time, radiation & a bone marrow
transplant. Justin, and his amazing wife Holly, are struggling
physically, mentally and financially. We are organizing events for them
to show our love and support all over the US, and we are organizing an
evening here in Los Angeles on Friday June 5th at the Poketo Studio in
downtown. We are going to have a silent art auction, which we would love
if you could donate a piece for.. I understand that this is extremely
short notice but if anyone can participate or forward this to other
artists who may be interested or to anyone that could help in any way that
would be amazing.

Justin is an amazing person and artist. For those of you who think you
don't know him, well you actually do, Justin has worked with Shepard
Fairey, was the art director of Swindle Magazine, he's worked with Roger
Gastman for several years on a variety of projects including book designs
to projects with Boost Mobile, he's worked on projects for DKNY, DIM MAK,
American Apparel, Threadless, worked on a bunch of stuff with Mark the
Cobra Snake and on and on and on...

Here are some links relating to Justin -
a site with info & donation information :
A blog Holly (Jusitn’s wife) kept since he was admitted to the hospital:

We are trying to surprise Justin & Holly with all this, so please don't
contact them about any of this, but please feel free to forward this
information to anyone you think would be able to help in some way. Please
contact Chris Bettig -helpjustin@themountainlabel.com or Ted &
Angie at Poketo - poketo@poketo.com to confirm your participation in the
auction or in any other way you could help.


  • 100% of all money will go directly to Justin
  • This event is Friday June 5th from 6-10pm in downtown LA at the Poketo Studio
  • we need an email confirmation of your participation & to coordinate delivery of art : helpjustin@themountainlabel.com
  • all work must make it to the Poketo Studio by Thursday June 4th – Poketo 510 S Hewitt St #506 Los Angeles, CA 90013
  • This is one of many events across the US that weekend that friends of Justin are throwing to help lift his spirits and to raise some $, please help out however you can. Any and all help is appreciated! Anyone anywhere can make a donation here: http://cancersuckshelpjustin.com/

Thanks from all of the people that love Justin & Holly.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Machine Projects Echo Park

Alvarado and Sunset-- Home to Machine Projects, The Echo Park Film Center a small cafe and shops.

The Film Center was closed but will check it out soon.

Adrien is a wonderful artist from SF who went to high school in Vermont with Mark of Machine Projects.
Adrien,Laurie and Mark
Mark Allen of Machine Projects

This past week my friend Laurie co-curator of the Luggage Store, SF visited. We explored a very exciting non-profit space ---
Machine Project.(located at 1200 D North Alvarado in Echo Park 90026.)
This space is crazy- part green house. part library,and yes, part machine for starters. It is the sort of spot that can help creative people with their vision and artistic constructions. And of course the public can view the results and participate.
They have performance,music, art, film, installation,poetry and other
sorts of creative projects and collaborations going on...
It is green, high and low tech. innovative,intellectual,scientific, and silly.

Here is how you make a donation -- you place your money in this tube and it is vacumed and collected at the base of the other end. Silly! Parents better hope their kid's don't get in their wallets and play watch the money get sucked up suckah!

some of the machines
the library- book store
When you purchase a book a small door opens on the floor and the book appears! Here is the magical tree stump where if you purchase a beer the drink comes up thur it's center.
The Bathroom is super cool, all mirrors!!!!

Laurie and Mark
There is also an upstairs apartment where out of town artists can stay while working on their projects.

The Basement

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Date Farmers and POW

Here are some new works the guys dropped off . I like!!! We are getting
a big Panther painting also. Can't wait to see it.

The Date Farmers came in this week to drop off work for POW. New Image Art and POW are working together on a series of Date Farmer prints. The DF's will be showing a few paintings in POW's London Gallery also.
The initial drawings and print ideas look radical!
Expect lots of color and lots of Cholos and a multi- legged Panther for starters....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Judith Gets Down and Dirty and Messes with Impressionism

This is the garden outside Monet's Home in Giverny,France.
It is not one of Monet's painting -- this is the actual garden which Monet had constructed outside his studio-home. Using the landscape and Japanese Bridge trick Supine is really fucking with Impressionism.
By adding his collaged - topless baby --- he also cuts into the jugular of Dadaism and Surrealism. How does he do it??? By being utterly simplistic. If you are a good little street artist you are aware of Placement. It does count where you place your work for millions of reasons. Judith also combines it all on a very subconscious
dream like level---As if you are on the couch having a very very precise Jungian Acid flashback in beautiful Central Park or perhaps you downed too much Absinthe....

Judith Supine out does himself in NYC's Central Park.
He sunk in the muck to get this one up. All in the name of art.

Judith will be having a solo show with us this November 7th, 2009 in Los Angeles.
We will also be bringing his work to Miami, early December for one of the larger art fairs there.


Silvelake is a really awesome area of LA. 
check it out....

A few new thangs from Kelsey Brookes and Antonio Diaz

Kelsey just did a new run of prints. They are available thru the gallery and Antonio
just sent us this image.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

MOCA Auction

The Photo I bought by NY photographer - Naomi Harris
' titled " Scorpian"
Paul Schimmel is the chief curator of MOCA. We have been friends
since the 80's . He is the curator responsible for Helter Skeltor, Ecstacy , and Murikami Shows to name a few. A big reason why MOCA has been a ground breaking institution is due
to Schimmel's curatorial brilliance.

Collector and music dude- John Rubeli
The talented,wonderful,and renoun architect Barbara Bestor.
Everyone in LA loves her and she throws the best parties
with John Huck.

Artie Nelson and Naomi Despres and friends

The one and only Gary Baseman
Brendan Fowler aka Barr

Went to the MOCA auction tonight and ended up bidding on a photograph and winning.
Ran into friends and collectors and artists from around town.
Held at the MOCA Geffen which was Designed by LA's very own Frank Gerry.
But everyone probably knows that already....
The buyers seemed generally conservative and there was a bit of the West side vibe in the house.
Still a big crowd, though I prefer a funkier gallery scene or the total snob boat.
This was somewhere between the two. They did have good snacks and brownies and drinks though. They have all the same food every year. That's LA for ya!
Due to the admission fee of $100 the funkier crowd stayed home or I should say went else- where.
I was on the list but ended up spending bucks on a photograph that was sad but true, very me!

The good news is -- it fits well in my photo collection along with Cheryl Dunns,Ed and Deanna Templetons,Spencer Tunick, Leigh LeDare,Richard Kern,Dave Schubert and a few others. I have been collecting and showing figurative- photo - documentary style photography for a long time and saw this photo by Naomi Harris.
It's a Twisted Gaugainesque - modern day beach scene.
I showed it to some of my arty pals and they said ---it is so you,
You have to get it. So I did! I felt good helping out MOCA which almost went belly up this year.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cat Cult and then some....

Cat Cult!!!

Close up of the hand of Judith.

Ian Fagen

Gino Perez

Cat Cult

Last Week we were taking down the American Realities Show and I was thinking
we needed Brie to help.
And in she walked all the way from Brooklyn.