Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ed Templeton "The Seconds Pass"

Ed signing autographs.

Ed and artist- actor- comedian Kevin Christy. And Kevin you were right!
Naheed has serious ESP!

Awesome artist,skater,vegan -- Ed Templeton had a solo show last night in Culver City.
Go on by and see the large run on photo. Truly the epitome of So- Cal art...
Ed took "drive by photos" from his car over the course of 15 years and this was the climatic show stopping experience.
As Ed said -- " it was minimal for him."
Especially,compared to his usual installations of tightly hung (no pun intended ED!) salon style,mixing of photos and paintings and sculptures.... this show was simplistic. one idea. that reads fast and simple.
It ran around the room in a perfectly straight line of non stop narrow photos.
I would have liked to seen the photos
a little bit larger,because there seemed to have been details that my lazyness wanted to see even faster without having to study them. The size Ed chose did create tension and worked. It is a beautiful show and elegant in it's simplicity while still channeling Ed's vision of OC life. I am sure the show would be breath taking without people in the gallery. But that is the downside of attempting to see
art at an opening...
Just the raw continual sequence of photo...Ahhhhhh Nice. Go by and see the show
without the crowds and take it all in.

Did not get to see Deanna
except for an instant in the corner of my eye but she was of course there and all smiles!

Congratulations go out to Ed on another strong and cohesive body of work I had no idea he even had.
Show up till April 3rd.
5801 Washington Blvd.
Culver City

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2k Party Last weekend and other stuff

Cobra Snake -The one and only Los Angeles Sex Symbol extraordinaire!
This guy really knows how to butter me up! And I like the piece! HA
Sort of Ed Ruscha - like
Italy wants you!
Thanks to Dublab again for spinning the tunes.

Scott and Nikki were both up for Grammies. Scott for best package design and Nikki for best new
artist (she is the bass player and also sings vocals for the Silversun Pickups. They got their
name from a liquor store a few blocks from where I live in Silverlake. A big shout out
to local band who made it big! But everyone knows this already. They were both at Alex Prager's opening in Beverly Hills.

Kime had work in the 2K show and is the beloved designer and artist of famed Show Pony.

Umar, one of the funniest artists on the planet!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Glow Kinda Day

Here are 3 new pieces from Richard Coleman that will be in his upcoming show here.
And a Twist piece that just came in for the Y2 show.
Seems like hot colors and day glow and beautiful geometrics are in the air. I like!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Xavier Sage De Los Reyes


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tim Kerr At Family

Artist- Musician - Tim Kerr in front of his paintings.

Last weekend Tim Kerr had a solo show at Family Book Store on Fairfax , just a few blocks
from NIA. Mike Watt and No Age and Tim of the Texan skate band The Big Boys rocked out
and shook the books off the shelves! BTW it is impossible to walk into Family and not buy something. Their books are killer!!! I bought one on Eddie Martinez's artwork and few zines
and Tim's book....Tim curated a group show which included Rich Jacobs and me along with many friends.
These pics are courtesey of my buddy,Laurie Steelink who is working with Mike Watt's photos
at Track 16 in Santa Monica.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Andrew Jeffer Wright Videos Watch at Your Own Risk

Artist- Comedian Andrew Jeffery Wright just sent us this link of his performance.

Just so you have a little bit of insight to him--
the last time I showed Andrew I had to ship a 100 lb. garbage can filled with Furbies to
Philadelphia, PA.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

UCLA and Art LA in one Day

UCLA has an amazing sculpture collection throughout their campus. Here is a ceramic piece by
Peter Voulkos. He was one of the great California,abstract expressionistic ceramic sculptors.
UCLA has always had a strong ceramics and sculpture department. After all it is the home of Chris Burden's locker performance- installation.
Here is Mel outside the Broad Art Department building. Nice - Matisse bronze casts.
Richard Sierra Sculpture
Sculpture department - complete with a shower for rinsing off after full body casting.
UCSB didn't have one of those - we just used to rinse off in the Ocean!
Another view of the awesome Voulkos.
Last week went to UCLA and Mel showed us around the Art and other departments.
UCLA is looking good!

Here are some shots from opening night ArtLA at the Pacific Design Center- West Hollywood.
Really a fun- good vibe event. They even had papparazi - red carpet!
Really liked Javier Perez's booth. His gallery has a solid vision.
A Sterling Ruby from another gallery.

Sculpture from a Mexican Gallery
A surf board for the Silver Surfer.

Renaissance Man Brendan Fowler and his work.

Richard Coleman is on a Roll

Here is an amazing work in progress, that will be in Richard Coleman's show here May 22nd- "Keep Out The Light"
Yeah, we know May is a long way off.... But this image shows the time and thought involved in working toward a show.
We had to move Richard's show back a few months because he needs more time and is obviously
in the zone!

Feb.20th!! 2TheWall


Hosted by New Image Art

Opening reception:

Saturday February 20th from 7-10pm

Exhibition on view through March 2, 2010

New Image Art

7908 Santa Monica Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 654-2192

Featuring works by:

Milton Glaser

Albert Reyes

Andy Meuller

Anthony Peters


Barry McGee

Bernard Walters

Bob Kronbauer

Buro Destruct

Clare Rojas

Christopher Bettig

David Shrigley

Davide Meucci

Deanne Cheuk

Devendra Banhart

Frohawk Two-Feathers

Janette Beckman


Katsuo Design

Kaseem Green

Kelly D. Williams

Kime Buzzelli

Lisa Levine

Lorin Brown

Matt Furie

Mel Kadel

Michael Leon

Misato Suzuki

Nat Russell

Nick Egan

Nick Neubeck

Reluctant Hero


Stefan Marx

Steph Walker

Steve Nishimoto

Travis Millard

William Lemon III

Dublab dj’s

Dj Nobody

& Hoseh

2K By Gingham, the artist-based t-shirt company now entering its 12th year, which represents over 100 artists' designs globally, will kick off their highly anticipated, inaugural exhibition featuring original artwork by 40 of its artist collaborators.

The 2K t-shirt line, which began in Japan, was sparked by a passion for art and a mission to bring the arts to a larger audience. An initial journey to the US to seek out original artistic images was met with frustration as the majority of t-shirt prints failed to move beyond highly recognizable, mainstream artists. This experience launched the quest to bring a broader scope of artists into the public eye, thus establishing the roots of the 2K artist t-shirt editions.

Together with New Image Art gallery in Los Angeles, 2K By Gingham will showcase the work of 40 artists from the t-shirt line for their premiere US Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop. Included will be well-known artists such as Milton Glaser, Janette Beckman, Deanne Cheuk, and David Shrigley in addition to many talented, up-and-coming artists in the spirit of 2K By Gingham.

The Pop-up shop will contain collections from past seasons as well as the new Woman’s Line, which debuts this spring, and other exciting paraphernalia from the artists.

Please join us for an evening of art, celebration, and 2K By Gingham t-shirt shopping. For the first two hours of the evening, Mezcal and Tequila tasting will be available, courtesy of Metl Reserva Especial. Throughout the night, drinks will be provided by Primo Beer, Hawai’i’s original beer. Dublub.com’s Hoseh and DJ Nobody will generously supply the evening’s music.