Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lister's Show is Smashing!!!

Anthony Lister off the streets

The street artist's fine art-influenced work gets a gallery showcase

‘Street art’ is a pretty nebulous term these days. Obviously, the time has gone when it just meant ‘writing your own name in massive bubbly letters’. But the more modern idea – of work that looks like it should be on a brick wall but has been transplanted to a gallery for validation – seems equally outmoded. One of our favourite artists pioneering a third way is the Anthony Lister. Having originally cut his teeth as a graffiti artist in his native Australia, over the last five years he has produced a body of work which is multi-faceted, multi-format and constantly evolving stylistically, breaking down the wall between high and low, street and gallery. In his portfolio, room-sized installations sit comfortably next to superhero-based commissions for D.C. Comics, which rub up against blacked-out faces painted on canvas and reflecting what he has described as his fascination ‘with criminology from both sides of the coin.
Holy Moly
Anthony Lister, Holy Moly
Lister’s influences were always from beyond the narrow boundaries of New York-derived street culture. "I was interested in an artist called Brett Whiteley. He turned me onto Bacon and in turn Egon Schiele and, in turn, George Bridgman," he tells Phaidon.com. "I grew up around skateboarding and graffiti, but I’ve always looked more at dead artists." He studied for four years at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, but feels that his “best education has come from being in places I shouldn’t be.”
Anthony Lister, Ballerinas
Still switching through scales and mediums (Lister describes himself as "comfortable being an adventure painter"), his recent critically acclaimed show at New Image gallery in West Hollywood was another radical leap. Presented largely unbacked and unframed, and including the portrait of van Gogh above, the exhibition largely consisted of Lister’s series of studies of ballet dancers. This was an interesting counterpoint to the recent Degas show in London, and presented a much more grimy, rough-hewn, but surprisingly delicate take on the bodies. “I am interested in culture, and society’s judgment systems on culture” he tells us when we ask about why he was drawn to them as a painter. “Ballerinas are kind of like strippers, only they don't take their clothes off. I’m interested in breaking art. I’m interested in philosophy.”
Anthony Lister, Wonder Woman
Anthony Lister will exhibit at the Outsiders Galleries in Newcastle and London W1 later this year. More information at www.listerart.com.au.
Another young painter who broke out of the street art scene to display in galleries is Conor Harrington. Read our interview with him here. Learn more about up and coming painters in Phaidon's Vitamin P2 - a dynamic overview of new contemporary painting from around the world, featuring the work of 115 international artists. Check out our books on some of Lister's influences, such as Francis Bacon andEgon Schiele. And let us know how you feel about seeing street art in galleries in the comment box below.

Friday, March 23, 2012


We are really excited to have helped curate ALL IN FOR THE 99%. Here are a few images, please come support. See you at the opening!

Please visit the site for details: http://allinforthe99percent.org/

                                                         Jo Jackson and Chris Johanson
                                                            Swoon (close up)
                                                    Dee Dee Cheriel
                                              Half of Hearts Challenger and friend

                                     An amazing installation by Heart's Challanger
                                                               Clayton Brothers
                                                        Alia Penner

                                                           Mark Cross

                                                            Tenacious  D
                                                              Curtis Kulig
                                           The painter Owen Schmidt and boyfriend
                                                                Robbie Conal
                                                               Richard Louderback

                                                             Spencer Lo
                                                            Jena Malone
                                                                Gregory Bojorquez
 Maya Hayuk 

Cleon Peterson

Kelsey Brookes

Neck Face


 Amanda Demme

 Chris Dean

Deanna Templeton

Elizabeth Fried

Maya Mercer

Sage Vaughn

Love Me
Skullphone Neon goes Bananas

Anthony Lister

Megan Whitmarsh and family

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Aaron Axelrod
Aaron Rose
Adam Bravin
Adarsha Benjamin
Alex Bacon
Alexandra Conn
Alexis Amann
Alia Penner
Alison Dyer
Amanda Demme
Anne McCaddon
Anthony Lister
Antonio Mendoza
Art Not War
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Snow Macomber
Augustus Thompson
Becky Stark
Cali Thornhill DeWitt
Cheryl Dunn
Chris Lux
Chris Pastras
Chris Dean
Chris Johanson & Johanna Jackson
Clayton Brothers
Cleon Peterson
Clint Woodside
Cole Sternberg
Craig Stecyk
Daena Title
Dan Monick
Daphne Vega
Date Farmers
David Ford
David Ellis
Deanna Tempelton
Deedee Cheriel
Destroy All Design
Edward Cao
Elisa Linda Saether
Elisabeth Fried
Eriberto Oriol
Erica S. Nicotra
Erik Otto
Ernesto Yerena
Estevan Oriol
Gia Coppola
Glen E. Friedman
Graham Metson
Grant Shumate
Ingrid Allen
Ione Skye
James Gallagher
Jeff Canham
Jena Malone
Jeremy Corbell
Jill Greenberg
Jillian Kogan
Jordin Isip
Joshua Leonard
Justin Kemerling
Katrina Bea
Kellie Bowman
Kelsey Brookes
Kenzo Digital
Kimberly Brooks
Kio Griffith
Lawrence Inglee
Lenny Silverberg
Mai Anh
Marcelo Gomes
Mark Blackwell
Mark Cross
Matt Furie
Matthew Salata
Maya Hayuk
Maya Mercer
Megan Whitmarsh
Mel Kadel
Melodie McDaniel
Michael Muller
Munk One
Neck Face
Nicola Vruwink
Patrick Hoelck
Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky
Peter Glantz
Ramsey Dau
Ray Noland
Rich Jacobs
Richard Louderback
Rick Rodney
Ricky Allman
Robbie Conal
Robin Fleming
Ron Regé, Jr.
Sacha Baumann
Sage Vaughn
Sandow Birk
Sandra Low
Shannon Donnelly
Shawn Doster
Shepard Fairey
Spencer Lowell
Steve Greenberg
Tansy Myer
Ted Soqui
Travis Millard
Vanessa Prager
Yehonatan Koenig
Lorna Mills and Yoshi Sodeoka
Zohreh Partovi


Aaron Rose
Aimee Mann
Amanda Demme
Amy Schur
Arturo Carmona
Ben Goldhirsh
Bill Przylucki
Bridgit Antoinette Evans
Danny Goldberg
Edward Norton & Shauna Robertson
Eric Garcetti
Glen E. Friedman
Julie Bergman & Stuart Sender
Julie Bowen
Kimberly Brooks
Lawrence Bender
Lawrence Inglee
Mark Webber
Marge Tabankin & Earl Katz
Marisa Tomei
Michael Bearden
Rain Phoenix
Rashad Robinson
Robbie Conal
Rosemary Carroll
Russell Simmons
Van Jones

All in for the 99%

All in for the 99% - OBEY GIANT


Rebuild the Dream, MoveOn.org Civic Action,
Russell Simmons, Occupy the Dream and SEIU Present
Saturday, March 31, 2012
10:30AM – 6:00 PM
400 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Artists, musicians, writers and activists unite to amplify the voices of the 99%, demanding and end to Citizens United and calling for real campaign finance reform. The ALL IN FOR THE 99% gallery will be open to the public with music, readings and visual art from over 80 of the nation’s most celebrated artists including Robbie Conal, Kimberly Brooks, Chris Johanson, Cheryl Dunn, Sage Vaughn, Glen E. Friedman, Shepard Fairey, Skullphone, Kenzo Digital, Megan Whitmarsh, Retna, Daena Title, Kelsey Brookes, Deedee Cheriel, Maya Hayuk, Mel Kadel, Ashley Macomber, Deanna Templeton, Estevan Oriol, Neck Face, Ione Skye, Curtis Kulig, Jill Greenberg and Cleon Peterson.
Brought to you by:
Rebuild the Dream, MoveOn.org Civic Action, SEIU, Occupy the Dream, Courage Campaign, Apple Via & Co, spaceland, slake: Los Angeles, Evolutionary Media Group, Greco Decor, the Embassy, Art Not War, New Image Art, FitzGibbon Media, Color of Change.org, POWER, CHIRLA, Presente.org

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lister Breaking Records

New auction record for Anthony Lister
Posted on March 12, 2012 by super art business
A new auction record was set last month when Anthony Lister’s “Spider Woman” (2007) was sold by Lawson-Menzies for a hammer of $15,500 and a total sale price of $19,375 including buyer’s premium.

The future looks bright for Mr Lister and the Lawson-Menzies result a consequence of the market awarding talent, particularly that old-fashioned concept of draughtsmanship, when it can no longer be denied.