Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Barry McGee Show at the Berkley Art Musuem

Here are pics from the opening of the Twist retrospective currently at the Berkley Art Museum on the UC Berkley Campus.
Get a ride up and see this show!!! This is a must must must see!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Installation Shots of the Chris Lux and Augustus Thompson Show

We are excited about our next show opening tomorrow night.
Both artists work contain a modernist feeling and a nice surprise of unusual placement and use of  materials.
Below are  images of Chris Lux and Augustus Thompson's works and installations.

                                       Chris Lux painting. I love the ceramic base

                                                                     Chris Lux
                                                  Augustus Thompson's installation

                                                                 Chris Lux

The artist Chris Lux working


                           Gallery assistant, Amos Natkin helping the cause.
                                                       A spinning, and illuminated sculpture ---
                                           A beautiful monstrosity by Lux

                               Augustus Thompson installation in progress