Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Really beautiful in a very honest fashion---
Captures tons...
Gives me faith in passion and a beautifully expressive artist and his very creative family....
Even has some of his last NIA show!
Defiantly worth watching at least 3 times!

Thanks Anthony and Dustin!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Weekend Preview Friday Night Opening Saturday Night

Richard Coleman's show opens this weekend. All are invited and welcome and no need to RSVP the gallery. Colman is showing a huge installation which takes up most of the gallery. In the spirit of other amazing artists who have come before and blown the
walls down - Colman is holding ground and rising to the experiment. Please come by and see the show. It is crazy strong!
Richard worked months in his studio and over a week in LA installing the work day and night;

Friday, May 14, 2010

Konbit Shelter // SWOON

Swoon is heading down to Haiti in June to help build Konbit Shelters. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping out it would be amazing! visit www.konbitshelter.org for more info.

The Konbit Shelter Project is composed of a small group of artists and builders whose hearts, hands and minds are reaching out to the Haitian communities devastated by the earthquake. (click for information on inaugural Williamsburg Waterfront Sculpture Exhibition at East River State Park).

As the process of rebuilding begins, our goal is to take part in a sustainable and easily replicable building project to the benefit the earthquake affected community. The Konbit Houses Project will bring the Superadobe building technique designed by Nader Kalili, along with permaculture influence, and our creativity as artists, to join forces in Haiti with local builders, farmers, and community organizers. We will build a small neighborhood ring of structures, each capable of housing 4-5 people, and serving the needs of the community, as schools, clinics and/or community meeting spaces.

We believe that the Superadobe dome construction technique to be an appropriate rebuilding tool for Haiti, which uses very little timber or other building materials. The technique is based on using ninety percent earth, stabilized by a small amount of concrete, and barbed wire. It is a method, which can cheaply, easily, and quickly create structures that are hurricane and earthquake resistant and permanent. By joining with a community to create a series of these shelters, we can create something of value to that specific community, and also be a part of the process of sharing knowledge, which can potentially be beneficial to people in other parts of Haiti.

We are currently raising money for building supplies, shipping, and stateside logistics, as well as working wages for the local Haitian team who participates in the construction of the structures. We hope to be shipping out and building in Summer 2010.

Konbit Parorama

The definition of konbit in Creole is a traditional form of cooperative communal labor in Haiti, whereby the able-bodied folk of a locality help each other prepare their fields. It is a time for solidarity and cooperation in the face of adversity. The Konbit Houses Project is referencing the word with a global interpretation, people coming together to work cooperatively across national boundaries.

Click here for details on our fundraiser


  • Swoon/caledonia curry (artist): http://swimmingcities.org
  • Ben Wolf (artist): www.ben-wolf.com
  • Sarah Walko (director/producer): www.sarahwalko.com
  • Samuel Yellen (co-director/translator)
  • Ethan Cote (structural engineer)
  • Olivia Katz (Haiti community co-organizer)
  • Thaddeus Pawlowski (urban designer/architect)
  • Paid residents of the community

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Richard Colman opening May 22nd

New Image Art Gallery

“Keep Out the Light”

Opening Reception Saturday, May 22, 2010 from 7‑10pm

Preview (Open to the Public) Friday, May 21, 2010 from 7-10pm

On View May 22 – July 3, 2010

LOS ANGELES – Opening May 22, New Image Art Gallery presents “Keep Out the Light,” a solo exhibition that features new paintings, sculpture and site-specific installations by Richard Colman. “Keep Out the Light” marks Colman’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles since 2007.

In this most recent body of work, Colman shows the struggles of the architect working “behind the scenes” of the elaborate; both beautiful and claustrophobic among landscapes and artifacts. Richard’s work demonstrates a unique language drawing on the intricacies of an Indian Miniature, to the antiquity of the more abstract and symbolic nature of Byzantine art. Colman’s patterns have the repetition and geometry associated with Islamic tiles and mosaics. Narratives depict day-glo orgies, fusing the sinister with the comical. A pantheon of internalized imagery and shared iconography comes into play in the shape of occult symbols, silhouettes, and rainbow sprays of color, piles of viscera, in a concoction of violence and ecstasy.

The subjects of his paintings—from headless bears to naked men—are presented in a theatrical way, like actors in a play, standing in formation. The work captures the feeling of being frozen on stage, anticipating what will come next and never quite finding out.

The title of the show, “Keep Out the Light,” references the density of Colman’s work, as well as his obsessive work habits, serving as a sort of escape for the artist. The works in this new exhibition exhibit the strength of obsessive patterning and imagery to drive away the delusions of everyday life.

Colman will be constructing a space within the gallery that will both highlight the work and invite viewers to step into the art and explore and experience the landscape of “Keep Out the Light”.

The opening reception will take place on May 22, 7-10 p.m. at New Image Art, 7908 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046. The exhibition runs through July 3, 2010.

Music will be provided by the act W-H-I-T-E an electronic pop influenced solo project by Cal Arts student Cory Hanson. Commemorative tee shirts will be for sale and graciously made by 2K, and drinks provided by Primo Beer. For additional information, contact info@newimageartgallery.com.

About Richard Colman
Colman was born in 1976 and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Colman graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, in 2002. He has exhibited extensively throughout the world in solo and group exhibitions including Krets, Malmo Sweeden, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles, Union Gallery, London, UK and ARKEN Museum Of Modern Art, Denmark. In 2006, Gingko Press released a book cataloging his work titled “I Was Just Leaving.” Colman currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. www.richardcolmanart.com

About New Image Art Gallery
Marsea Goldberg, founder and director of New Image Art, started the gallery in 1994 in her 10 by 10 design studio. Since then, the gallery has grown to attract a global cult following, grabbing the interest of art lovers and collectors worldwide. Renowned for her discriminating eye and solid curatorial skills, New Image Art Gallery continues to show the works of established and emerging artists coming out of the street, skate, fine art and surf scenes. Over the years, the gallery has launched or mobilized the careers of Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Rich Jacobs, Rebecca Westcott, Neckface, Cleon Peterson, Megan Whitmarsh, Faile, Tauba Auerbach, Matt Leines, the Date Farmers, Judith Supine, and Bäst, just to name a few. www.newimageartgallery.com

New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
T: 323.654.2192
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 1pm to 6pm

Press and Media Inquiries
Angelique Groh | Charm School
T: 323-363-9338