Monday, November 23, 2009

Date Farmers Work off to POW London and The MOCA 30 Year Anniversary

We had a super fun and busy day at the gallery today and yeah we don't normally really work on Mondays....But work had to be shipped to London and the surf was flat....

The Date Farmers came in today. We sent out their art for the show at POW's new gallery space.
The work is off the hook. As always I hated to see the work leave, especially before it
had a chance fester at the gallery!!! I like staring at art till it is absorbed and memorized. Sick right??? Like listening to a song 100 times.... Same idea - total absorption.

We will be posting some images of the new Date Farmer work. They started messing around
with an airbrush and the results are -- well you will see tomorrow when we load the blog.

Also the show at MOCA 30 years is strong! We went to the opening for the party and we ended up staying in the Museum and tripping on the art for hours. The show is so coooool!
Beautifully curated and I love how there is a California bent to the collection.
The only way LA can really compete with all the majors is to focus on the great collections here
and the California aesthetic.
There were a few stinkers and political favors in the show, enough to make the show
a little human. But I forgive them this time. They have history covered nicely,however, I would have liked to have seen more diversity and newer and younger artists more video and more risk taking.But it is a museum....and it was more or less a retrospective. I guess I never get enough
when it comes to great art. Would have loved to have seen a huge Tara Donovan installation and Richard Serra. Loved the photography they showed. Diane Arbus,Nan Golding and Larry Clark.
Really happy they did not show the Warhol Brillo Pad boxes again. I would have barfed.

Will post images of the DF work and MOCA's first 30 years asap.
Congrats to POW on their new gallery and MOCA for staying in buisness and bringing it on!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kelsey Brookes Opening in San Diego

Our friend from RVCA and awesome photographer,Quang.

The diptych below was one of my favorite works in the show.

The close up of the painting above is amazing , the paint actually looks like
metallic rocks.

Kelsey and Quang.

I went to Kelsey Brookes' opening last night and just loved the paintings. They read very impressionisticly and look strong up close and far away. Congratulations to Kelsey on
his amazing new body of work. It was definitely worth the drive to see the paintings in person
and always great to see Kelsey.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Huge thanks to Jawsh Smyth!

Jawsh Smyth was kind enough to lend us his talents and designed our invite for SCOPE. If any of you are looking for a great grahpic designer hit him up!

Check out his website: http://www.infinitezzz.com
or email: jawsh@infinitezzz.com

Thanks Jawsh!

Date Farmers @ POW London Opens Dec. 4th

Pictures on Walls, Ground Floor, 46-48 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You're Killing Me Judith

Here are the latest by the reclusive NYC artist Judith Supine.
We are taking these to Scope Miami as we have been reiterating...

The Time is now as to use your frequent flier miles, find that dress on sale or hit the dumpsters for that special item, catch the grey dog if things are really tight, ( and you better leave now)because the art and parties will be gone by the time your sorry ass arrives!!!
Don't take this personally I am talking to myself!

But here is the art worth eating subway sandwiches for.... the rest of your life!
Again I am talking to myself -- I want one of these!

Juxtapoz 15 Year Anniversary Charity Auciton Hits LA

A.J. Fosik
Seonna Hong
David Ellis
Date Farmers
Claw Money
Thomas Campbell
Artist Natalia Fabia
Lili and Arturo from the Upper Playground
Gallery , Mexico City
Do you think this guy paints?

Close up of Mister Cartoons Ice Cream Truck

Last Weekend the crew from Juxtapoz organized a huge show downtown. Check it out and you can still bid... So what are you waiting for?? Here are a few heavy hitters lots of other awesome works on line and some real bargains!