Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Retna

Here are some pics of Retna's downtown studio.
The studio is beautiful and inspiring and obviously a great space to create huge paintings.
Above is a collaborative works he did with El Mac a while ago.

I went to take a look at his work in progress for the show here next weekend-
March 2oth. The work looked amazing and the images below are works in progress.
Retna still has to go over the silk screens with oil paint.
There are many processes to create a finished piece.
Retna photographs the models,blows up the photos, silk screens the photos onto wood he has painted and then lightens the base painting with a wash, and then paints on top of everything with oils.

Retna will be painting the entire gallery much in the style of the late Keith Herrings Pop Shop in NYC.
Try to make the opening because the show is only running 3 weeks and guaranteed a stunner.

Afterwards we are having a Pisces Dance Party for Amber and Marcella's Birthdays sponsored by none other than Cult 45.
I haven't drank Cult 45 since high school. And I am going to keep it that way!

Ohhh -- I almost forgot -- Due to popular demand--we are having 50 Retna silkscreens available printed by Richard Duardo for the show.

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