Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last night's opening was RAD!

The Fabulous Mel Berry in front of her photos of suicide buildings.
If you have ever surfed Malibu -- Mel is the goddess in the green bikini (never a wet suit)
surfing fine and smiling all the way down the line.

Photographer Jeaneen Lund
Jeff Ho
Photographers from the show- Laura Flippen,Kassie Meador, and Brandy Eve
PC of Prism Gallery,skater Ed Templeton and Stecyk

Amanda in front of her Beautiful photos of Rio.
Stacy Peralta and Stephanie Allen
Surfers Kassie,DV and Laura
Naheed and friend

Photographers Ed and Deanna Templeton
Sisters, Shayne and Brandy Eve Allen
Very stylish artist-photographer Alex Prager and her painter sister.

No Age guitarist Randy and friends. Auguste and Neck Face
I saw 2 trends last night. This hood-scarf is one of them. The other one is wearing a ring on a
necklace chain.
The opening felt like the good old days! All the skaters, West and East -- siders Tons of good vibers----
Dog Town's Stacy Peralta ,Stecyk,Jeff Ho, Glenn E Friedman,also Dustin Dolan,models,rockers, Randy of the band No Age,
Moms Dads,surfers,we also spotting a really cool TV actress- the sister from the Rosanne show-Darleen,The Dater Farmers were pouring wine and beer, Neck face,
Ashley Macomber,Sean Cassidy,tons of amazing peeps all night long. The cops did not
bug and the drinks were flowing till they ran out.
Special thanks go out to Gingam,Primo Beer,Roxy for their support and all the gallery artists,
Amber Abramson and Marcella Kroll.