Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Miami Show (Non- Stop Party People)

Fab photographer extraordinaire - Martha Cooper took the above and below shot. Thanks Martha!!!

We had an amazing time in Miami at Cafeina. Here are some pics from our party.
More soon. Special shout out to our friends at Primary Flight and Nike. Naheed and Victoria thank you for
helping us with taking down the show. No simple feat!
The fantastic photographers of "Now I Remember" minus Neck Face.

Curtis Buchanan up and coming photographer and friend.

The Machado sisters of Miami and LA and friend.

Mike and Books of Primary Flight made Miami happen!
Where is Typo?
Martha Cooper and Gustavo.
Party Time!
It's Party Time and Spanky.
SF artist - Push of Known Gallery fame.
Naheed Simjee, Retna and Brandon Coburn
The one and only Martha Cooper doing what she does best!
Amber,Richard Colman and Medi

Jeffery Deitch,Jen Reynolds and her sister
Big thanks to Osgemeos for making it happen and doing the show!

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