Friday, December 10, 2010

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Date Farmers at Ace Gallery

Ace to Show Street Art
Doug Chrismas is not one to rest on his laurels and he pulled me through a crowd of vodka sippin' collectors at Saturday's Jeff Colson opening at Doug's Ace Gallery Beverly Hills locale to meet The Date Farmers (Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lerma), the infamous street art duo who will be opening at Ace Gallery's Miracle Mile space in late November. They are being given the entire east wing of the gallery, a sizable piece of real estate equal to about half of MOCA's Grand Avenue space and almost as prestigious. Doug of course sees the writing on the wall -- what with Jeffrey Deitch hectically preparing a survey of street art for MOCA's Geffen wing for 2011, a whole lot of recent high art history is about to be erased from the canon to make room for what has been going on outside the museum walls for the past two or thee decades. And it has to be pointed out that, like every street artist of note to pass into the fine art sphere, the duo are alumni of Marsea Goldberg's New Image Art gallery, the seminal Los Angeles intersection of street and culture.


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Anonymous said...

i love the date farmers. but i'm confused as to how they're "street art"? i've been aware of them since '95 and i can't think of any "street" work they've ever done. is it just easier to lump them in with that genre?? is it the new image art, luggage store, jonathan levine gallery associations?

either way, congratulations to them both for their ace gallery show. i'm really looking forward to seeing it, as soon as i can get myself down there.

with love always,
-capt'n confused