Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liz Rice and Alex Knost from RVCA visit and check out Deanna

Here is an update for Deanna Templeton's European Show - Ed just sent the link over so check it out!
A new update here:

and some video here:

Liz Rice of RVCA fame and Alex Knost - RVCA surfer and Japenesse Motor member came by today to visit and hang at the gallery . Alex is showing his new surf video or dropping off music or something at fuel TV. Liz is the best of the best and it was amazing to see her 2 in a week.

Here we all are in front of Lydia's Geo Wall.
I think I want it as my permanent back drop!

Check out the RVCA Blog on our Last show. Check out RVCA Clothing too....They support the arts, music ,skate and surf.


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