Sunday, March 29, 2009


This guy lives on our street and has nice clean cloths
everyday. He is totally wasted and sleeps most of the day away.
How does he stay so tidy??

Andrew Jeffery Wright

The letters are made from San Francisco Dreads!
I love this piece so much. It is titled "Goleta"

Different views of "Goleta" by Lydia Fong.

Mel, Andrew and Fudge

Jamie O'Shea of Super Touch

The Carmichaels

Paris Hilton Eat Your Heart Out!
Andrew and Lydia collaborated on this image.
Andrew Jeffery Wright in the project room

Andrew is really ridiculous and funny!!!!
Wendy of Ooga Booga and Casey from RVCA
Clare Rojas


nbalike said...
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hector23 said...

The arterati were out in full force

Unknown said...

I love the Clare pix

gabe l said...

by any chance you're open this sunday??? we're coming alll the way from san francisco!!! why are many galleries closed on sundays?? booo-nooo!