Friday, December 19, 2008

Date Farmers Current Show Up Now!!!

Young DJ Alf Alpha and the Date Farmers. Talented,Desert people stick together.

The Bike Robber


The Date Farmers have been painting all types of Indians for many years. Their Indians are more of a central theme this show, highly illustrated and detailed and more refined.

This image says it all in a retro-collage- pop style. Why are Indian images in the air? Indians are the original Americans. They were massacred and displaced and are the perfect symbol for our current turmoil while at the same time representing a more basic truth and hope. American Indians lived by being in touch with the land and sensitive to it's resources. In touch artists have the sensitivity to pick up and express what is happening and feel the truth.

A nice tightly drawn cat.

I like these monochromatic Indian pieces. Love the found sign and layer of words underneath the central figure. Maybe this style is the strongest work in the show in my opinion. It is simple well executed and Iconic. But there are so many works that I am into that I change my mind daily - guess that is the luxury of working in a gallery.

A fresh cluster. We were almost over cluster installations till we see this.

I Like the hub cap. This green is left over from my son's bedroom.He picked out the color. The cat is a new style of painting for the DF's. I like it. I like it when artists experiment and it looks good even though it is not what we expect. Artists need to explore and sometimes the public gets to see the transition which at times can be better than the end result. This is a painterly yet graphic expression. Looks Spanish or South American- very confident.

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