Thursday, December 18, 2008

Date Farmers At the Oakland Museum Of Art And Obama Man of the Year!!!

The Date Farmers are still hanging in the LA paint show at the Oakland Museum of Art
till sometime in March. If you are up there check it out.  This cluster of paintings 
is being collected  by  the Oakland Museum of Art. Congratulations to Armando and Carlos. 
If that were not enough....Time 
Magazine is featuring Obama as man of the year using LA's one and only Shepard Fairey's image on the cover of the issue.
In case anyone breathing does not know who Shepard is-now they will! There are many artists featured in Time this issue (which i find totally amazing for such a conservative magazine), and the best part of it 
is --they featured the Date Farmer's poster--"Cambio" with
their rendition of Obama. I heard Shepard raised 
over $950,000. for Obama. So-- Shep here's to you! 

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scott davidson said...

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