Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Visit With Lister DTLA

I visited the LA downtown studio where Lister is working on his show for NIA.
Great to see Anthony in action. Totally prolific and hard working. Was awesome to
see his plans. The show is going to be amazing.  Trust me on that one!!!!

Anthony is working from a live model. His drawing ability is crisp and precise and is the
foundation of his sculpture,painting,prints(yes we will have print or prints) and installation.
More than likely there  shall be a performance piece at the opening.
 Carve  Thursday-- February 23rd into your calendar  from 6-9pm.
 We will have images for a preview but like most things New Image will take a while.
I did see his larger works last week and they are magnifico! Big giant dancers....and a
 small wax sculpture being carved and dripped ----soon to be a bronze cast figure extraordinaire.


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