Saturday, July 16, 2011

Neck Face Invades Fairfax Alley

I am not sure what was in the cooler on the ground behind the Fallafel Place on Fairfax but I do know
it was strong, tasty, yellow and on ice. Rumor had it -- it was filled with Margaritas...

Last night Neck Face's genius video debuted under a full moon and black sky.
It was a totally special eve for the locals- being the freeway was shut down...

Practically magical.

 Neck Face's film is hysterical I mean really really hysterical.
Funnier than The Hang Over 2 on half the budget and staring Neck who is funnier than
well almost anyone....

The film will be on the internet and I am sure will create a huge sensation.....

Right Robin and Nina???!!!!

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