Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the spirit of Swoon... comes Dithyrambalina.

Collaborative culture, collective intention and a regenerative resolve underlies Swoons latest imaginative endeavor - Musical Architecture in New Orleans.
Together with local and national sound artists and musicians, Swoon is realizing a larger than life music-box landmark for permanent public installation.

Instruments are in development that are to be built into the walls and the floorboards, so that visitors can make music by interacting with the space, and in the space together. Block party orchestrations are surely performances the community can look forward to upon actualization of this sculpture..

Swoon has designed the structure, giving the salvaged remains of an old Creole Cottage that once stood on the site another chance to thrill the residents of the Bywater neighbourhood.

The logistics involved with the development of ideas like singing walls, a floorboard operated organ and heartbeat sensitive percussion - offer all of us the opportunity to support a dream so visionary. The kinetic sound artists on the job need time and money to get all the mechanisms perfectly planned before final erection.

Please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1132047121/swoons-musical-architecture-for-new-orleans?ref=video and pledge your support for possibility :)

Bravo to all members of the constellation that is the Dithyrambalina team.

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