Friday, April 1, 2011

Update Spanky is Better

Published: April 3, 2011
The Skateboarder and His Girlfriend, Los Angeles

This was the day I came back from the hospital, with third-degree burns on my chest and my back. They took skin to graft from the back of my head. We were just messing around, and •
the person that lighted my shirt on fire felt really bad. I knew it was bad; I had no idea of how bad, because it took a few days for the pain to completely set in. I was supposed to leave for Australia for a skateboarding tour, and I thought I was getting on a plane the next day. I had to stay in the hospital for, like, two weeks. And so my girlfriend had to peel out some of the hair and skin that had scabbed over.

NINA MILNER, 23: I was in the next room, when I heard, “Roll, roll, roll, roll!!” And then I walked in and looked at everyone and said, “Guys, what’s on fire?” I looked in the corner, and Spanky was there just quivering. And I had given him a tattoo on his ribs the night before that was kind of burnt. Once he got home, it was just up, up and away. Psychologically, he was just so happy to be home from the hospital. It was traumatic dressing those wounds. And it’s so difficult to feel all of the little involuntary spasms that someone you love makes when you are causing them great pain. Now that the scars are subsiding, the tattoo’s still totally there.

Friend of the gallery,artist and skate boarder Spanky Long was burnt by accident by a friend.
Sadly he was wearing some sort of older shirt which caught fire... His arms healed amazingly well.We saw him yesterday and he and his friends will no longer play with matches. Now if they will just stop stabbing each other for fun!
All joking aside really happy he is all better and now has a very stylish mohawk!

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