Friday, April 15, 2011


Went to the MOCA Opening last night. Overwhelmed by so much art, passion and people. I was fortunate to have visited the show a few times during the installation period and was able to see the transformation. Congratulations to the Museum on breaking ground in showing the rough stuff. Here are a few of my favorites from the show.... Plan on a few trips to the museum there is too much to take in for just one visit.
James Franco and Jeffery in a heated discussion!
Amber next to her new boy friend - James!!!

Our Dear assistant Charlie.

Retna in Blue
The young California collective DRUGS definitely added some surprise and vibrancy to the show.

Neck Face was live performing at the VIP opening in his fantastic installation.

Photo above and below by Skullphone

Street Market took it to another level!

John Ahearn east village sculptor

Brazilian Twin Brothers --Osgemeos in perfect form
They made a drum set and had instruments that musicians could play

Otavio and painter Nina

Dogtown's very own Craig Stecyk

Much Missed Margaret Kilgallen in Epic Form

Above Cheryl Dunn and me

Really liked seeing all the Keith Herring -- looked new again. Bravo!

An urn from Patty Astor's Fun Gallery

Skate photographer Tobin Yelland and Luggage Store co-director Darryl Smith

Billy Stone and her hand painted self- portrait Jacket.

Wild in the Streets pro skater Dustin Dollin

Robin,Dustin and Amber

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