Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Neck Face's sick Halloween Party featured his Family's Haunted House!
Move over Knotts Scarey Farm. Neck's Mom can kill it with her eyes closed!
BTW Neck informed me his family has been doing the Haunted House Thang for
over 25 years! Just proves the apple doesn't fall far from the twisted tree!
Robin kills it. Notice the puked on Jiffy Pop!

Spanky as Teen Wolf
Neck Face's art--- fabulous!!!
Our intern Charlie with mask of himself!
Cheech, Olive Oil and Popeye!!!

A certain Gorilla named Auggie
Angelo Turns 14 and it's all up In Smoke for now on Amber!

MOCA Opening

Wolfman,Alabama and a Black Cat

Retna and Jo Jackson
Roger and Angelique
Don't you dear mess will Naheeeeeed!
Alabama and Clarence from True Romance!!!
I can't believe how big Spencer Jacobs is! This is Rich and Kate's adorable
boy walking the Streets of Oakland!

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