Monday, October 25, 2010

Swoon in Paris

Beautiful portrait of Swoon's good friend- artist -Monica Canilao

Adeline,Swoon and Edwardo

In between saving the world: building shelters in Haiti,rehabbing homes in Detroit and
designing a musical house -that will actually make it's own sounds while functioning as an artist
in residence sanctuary in New Orleans -- Swoon was in Paris for her solo show at Galerie L.J.
It was wonderful to see Swoon and meet her Parisian gallerist, Adeline and the artist Alexone and the rest of the crew. I traveled from the Moniker Fair,London and met up with Edwardo from the Brazilian Gallery,Choque Cultrual on the train.
Good thing because he knew the way to the gallery which is located in the outskirts of Marais near Republic.
I had to leave before the show opened but it was fantastic to see Swoon in process smiling and
transforming the space with her figurative cutouts. The show range from friends who she transforms into fantastic
icons and people she has observed while traveling the world. There is always a strong contrast of pathos and fantasy which makes swoons work unique. Swoon's amazing techniques and skill weave a world filled with joy and consciousness uniquely her own.
How does she do it all so brilliantly? The girl is magic!

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