Monday, October 25, 2010

Menage A Trois

Chloe Sevingy, Liz Goldwyn,Ed Temelton and CR Stecyk III
Steve Olson and Miss Mercy
Get out the lint brush - Olson!

Mel Berry and friend
Aaron Rose, Patty Astor , Jeffery Deitch,Stecyk,Mel Berry
Laura somehow survived.
Something really strange was going on in the bathroom all night!
This guy really took the show title seriously!

Jeffery Deitch and Paz de la Huerta
Steve Oslon and Curtis Buchanan

LA women: Nancy Steiner,Seven McDonald,Marsea,Tara McKinley,Jo Jackson and Amber Abramson. Jo just moved here from Portland! Hell yeah!!!
Steve Olson's Art
CR Stecyk III made amazing original prints for the show. They are

DV and Gillian Jacobs
JD and CR
Chris Johanson, Jo Jackson,movie critic Dave White and Chris Gardner
Dog Town's very own - Jeff Ho
Patti Astor
Had a super fun opening for the artists CR Stecyk III ,Susanne Melanie Berry and Steve Olson last Saturday night. Here are some pics....

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