Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now I Remember Opens this Saturday Night 7-10PM

The show opening tomorrow night "Now I Remember" is a must see.
It's what New Image Art is all about and built upon. Fresh, original,connected, urban energy translated this time via cell phone photo documentation....

The photos below do not give the show or artists the justice they deserve. You will just have to trust and come on down and see for yourself. The work captures the grit and sharp wit of the street and the brilliance and stupidity of their every day antics. Being taken from their cell phones, enlarged and printed the photos deal with their version of the mundane, which happens to not be mundane at all.

There have been books written from text messages and now this is the start of a possible new movement
of art show's based on cell phone photos. What's next a movie based on Face Book? Ha Ha!

There are 800 original cell phone photos taken by close friends Neck Face, Spanky,Todd Jordan,
Jerry Jsu, Curtis Buchanan,Aron Bondaroff,Jenn"JR" Reynolds, and Tino Razo. Friends thru skating, art and the LA
NYC connection... The show was first shown at the NYC bar and institution: Max Fish and also
traveled to Japan. This is the first time it has been exhibited in a gallery.We are elated to be showing the work. It is beautifully installed --Don't miss the opening. Killer!!!!!

And to think it all started with Neck Face having a memory card for his cell phone
so he could take massive amounts of cell phone photos and Tino and Neck getting
thrown off an airplane and waiting for the next Jet Blue Flight- but that's a whole
nother story!!!!

Setting the standards for high brow creativity!

The Crew from our show opening Saturday night is in da house.

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