Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Viva La Revolucion San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art

Such a great evening. The first two people I saw walking in the museum were Naheed and my all time favorite artist and tattoo artist -- Dr Lakra! I was introduced and professed my love...At last
my search has been satisfied... To meet the great Dr Lakra in the flesh! His art is amazingggggg!

Otavio,Jeffery Deitch and Gustavo meet up again! I am still wet from surfing! Surf all day and
art all night!
My favorite Twins ---Otavio and Gustavo!

Armando and his girlfriend
Date Farmers and Mark Bradford soccer balls-- Dig!
Carlos Ramirez the magical mystical painter.
San Diego surfer artist Kelsey Brookes
Ralphie the long lost 3rd Date Farmers showed up!
The Date Farmers' painting is striking and beautiful. Bravo!
Brazilian Muralist and painter Nunca

Shepard Mixing some old school hip hop....
Ms. Swoon sailed in and created.....

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