Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reccomended Up Coming Events LA and Mexico City

We will be adding to this post with event details and further info asap!
Dates: August 31st- September 2nd


Here are a few links to films


The L.A. Skate Film Festival is an international film festival dedicated to putting the limelight on skateboard filmmakers. Skateboard videos are an integral part of the skateboard industry, culture and history. Skateboard films have shaped the culture of skateboarding more so than any other medium over the years. Each video delivers new techniques, styles, fashions, music and information to the skateboard community that changes the way things will be forever.
The L.A. Skate Film Festival is open to all filmmakers: independent filmmakers, skate shops, media, emerging filmmakers or brands.

All submitted films are reviewed by the Academy of Skateboard Filmmakers, who collectively decides which films will be nominated in each category. Our panel of judges then decides on the winners in each one of the categories (US film, documentary, commercial, independent, international, skate shop, and emerging). Nominated movies will be publicly screened in Los Angeles, California on August 31st and September 1st, 2010. An awards ceremony to announce the winners will be held in Hollywood, California on September 2nd, 2010.

Films will be competing for the following awards:

Best U.S. Skate Film
Best International Film
Best Independent Film
Best Documentary
Best Skate Shop Video
Best Emerging Filmmaker
Best Skate Commercial
Best Classic*
Additional Awards:

Best Photography
Best Editing
Best Soundtrack
Best Intro
Best Skit
*The Classic category will not be open to the public. The Festival will hand select 10 classic skate films that will be then handed over to the judges for nomination.


If you have any questions regarding the festival, please send us an email to info@thelaskatefilmfestival.com

Want to sponsor The L.A. Skate Film Festival? Well let Monica know at monica@thelaskatefilmfestival.com
Media kits are available upon request.

If you have a media inquiry, send your request to media@thelaskatefilmfestival.com

If you are interested in volunteering at The L.A. Skate Film Festival (we are mainly looking for contributing writers for our news section and on site volunteers), please send an email to info@thelaskatefilmfestival.com

This Thursday July 29th from 7-9

Prism, in conjunction with New Image Art, and RVCA is pleased to announce Come As You Are, opening Thursday July 29, 2010 from 7-9 pm. The exhibition brings together a group of dynamic artists, each bringing an iconic piece of their work to our summer exhibition.
Artists participating in the exhibition are Susanne Melanie Berry, Clayton Brothers, Richard Coleman, Os Gemeos, Dennis Hopper, Ryan McGinness, Cleon Peterson, Clare Rojas, Craig Stecyk, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton and a video by Cheryl Dunn of Dash Snow.
The exhibition will be open during gallery hours from Friday, July 30th to Saturday, September 4th.

Also on view through September 4 on the rooftop is Gustavo Godoy's sculptural installation
"Fast-Formal Object : Big Blue."

Please contact the gallery for more information.

8746 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

w. 310.289.1301
f. 310 289.1302
m. 562.322.4576

Opening August August 13th in Mexico City
Marsea Goldberg curates
happy people gallery
Amatlan 105,
Condesa 06170
DF, Mexico

featured artists:
Neck Face
Shepard Fairey
Tim Biskup
Gary Baseman
Kime Buzzelli
Date Farmers
Richard Colman
Matt Fury
Miss Bugs
Cleon Peterson

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Anonymous said...

Not all is good if you have to live beside it.
I live right beside what is called an "intervention" and I witnessed the bulldozing of the road and the landing and I'm forced to "participate" everyday by seeing something so out of place, it can only be called an abomination. The intervention called "Big Blue" by Gustavo Godoy is completely in my face. When i moved to the high desert, I chose it for its privacy and beauty. From now on, I'm the one who must "participate" in some crude artist struggle and remember on a daily basis how the valley looked before it was desecrated. I'll remember when it was untouched and perfect. Now, a color so unnatural, its glare rings loud any time there's sunlight. This Big Blue is by definition a monstrosity. A degenerate production that facilitated the destruction of what was once a quiet country neighborhood. The selfish and ill thought out participation in my valley will linger even after that eyesore has withered and rotted. The concept , does not belong here. It is neither attractive nor facilitates positive discourse. All it's accomplished is to advance the destruction of a piece of virgin desert. It could have been done anywhere in LA which is already destroyed, instead it's destroyed something that was in complete harmony to gratify an ego. I remain a victim of this so called art but art would infer creative skill and imagination produced for beauty or emotional power but this blot on the landscape has neither. Its just egotism. Please, in the future, give much deeper thought to the ramifications of your actions. Consider the environment and the people it'll directly affect.