Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting in the fairfax yard and Jeffery's Birthday Party!

Os Gemeos managed to make this Throw-up on their way to San Diego. Here is Rhyme working...

The Mod Squad! Lynn MOCA's Director of communications,Noah, The Jeffery, and Nahazard,

The Retna Van rides again.
Saber a work in progress


Retna's beautiful poetry in motion.

RVCA store on Fairfax. RVCA gave us all beautiful hats that Retna designed the inside for.
Their back room is rad and will soon be a coffee shop.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether you were documenting a birthday party for jeff or commenting on how much you didn't like the work of os gemeos ??

marsea goldberg said...

that's silly!
New Image Art loves Os Gemeos.
They had a solo show with us a number of years ago.
I was a bit baffled the other artist was painting on top but it was I believe ok with them.