Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ed and Deanna and Naheed Dropped in

Deanna and Ed Templeton just returned from Deanna's show at the Schunk* Netherlands
where she had a show of her amazing photographs. The Schunk* director Stijn Huijts,is awesome and used to run the Het Domain Museum. Stijn is a huge supporter of
everything we love here. Skating, Street, cool peeps and amazing art installations,
wonderful art books ........
The Schunck* published a beautiful book by Deanna Templetopon, "Scratch My Name On Your Arm"
It has many of the pics of Deanna's self published previously released zines. But is way not zine like. It is a beautiful hard cover book with an intro by her favorite skater and hubby Ed and an article written by Stijn.
There are going to be book signings around town and will keep you posted.

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