Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exit through The Gift Shop!

Went to the first LA screening tonight. Crazy to see a movie about the art scene and it is actually entertaining, hysterical and tons of fun. Many of our artist friends and pals are in this and so am I for a split second! Amazing footage,brilliant editing,and Banksy is always on point. I give it 2 thumbs way up somewhere! Should get an Academy Award for best documentary if I had my way. Really cute to see Amanda with pig tails. Wendy Asher is a riot in it and love the nocturnal footage of Neck Face spraying a huge arm across a building. Fantastic!

There is something very honest about this movie.
Thierry Guetta aka Mister Brainwash is an interesting phenomenon. He is part conceptual artist part Frankstein being a protege of the 2 master artists Banksy and Shepard . In his LA show
"Life is Beautiful" He used every art trick and style in the book though he is not responsible for developing any of them. Does this matter? HA it does!
His being an artist is really theater and it works! On a conceptual level MBW creams everyone and wins.
Loved and Hated. Brilliant perhaps, passionate for sure while keeping a
sweet innocence and likeability he manages to be the ultimate mannerist and late comer to the movement. Is he really a late comer - after all he was filming everything for many years.

While documenting the movement in a very diy - grainy style- he became one of "Street Art's"accidental biggest players. Maybe it is largely due to the public loving hype and missing out on
being able to buy Banksy - to get their hands on a MBW has been very gratifying for them.
And his prints look really great.
In the end ya just kind of wonder how the hell it all caught on and how fantastic that MBW documented it all and actually had film in the camera!


Eggs McManus said...

Can't wait to see it.
Paranoid Pictures!

Dale Dreiling said...

I read of the upcoming SF screening & Upper Playground offering free tix on Fecal Face...any chance of similar situations in the works for LA?