Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ed Templeton "The Seconds Pass"

Ed signing autographs.

Ed and artist- actor- comedian Kevin Christy. And Kevin you were right!
Naheed has serious ESP!

Awesome artist,skater,vegan -- Ed Templeton had a solo show last night in Culver City.
Go on by and see the large run on photo. Truly the epitome of So- Cal art...
Ed took "drive by photos" from his car over the course of 15 years and this was the climatic show stopping experience.
As Ed said -- " it was minimal for him."
Especially,compared to his usual installations of tightly hung (no pun intended ED!) salon style,mixing of photos and paintings and sculptures.... this show was simplistic. one idea. that reads fast and simple.
It ran around the room in a perfectly straight line of non stop narrow photos.
I would have liked to seen the photos
a little bit larger,because there seemed to have been details that my lazyness wanted to see even faster without having to study them. The size Ed chose did create tension and worked. It is a beautiful show and elegant in it's simplicity while still channeling Ed's vision of OC life. I am sure the show would be breath taking without people in the gallery. But that is the downside of attempting to see
art at an opening...
Just the raw continual sequence of photo...Ahhhhhh Nice. Go by and see the show
without the crowds and take it all in.

Did not get to see Deanna
except for an instant in the corner of my eye but she was of course there and all smiles!

Congratulations go out to Ed on another strong and cohesive body of work I had no idea he even had.
Show up till April 3rd.
5801 Washington Blvd.
Culver City

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Eggs McManus said...

Hey Marsea!
Would have loved to see it but alas I am a NYker so I get my art kicks via the web.
Thanks for your always enjoyable insight on Ed's show.