Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The one and only Vixen of Miami Beach!
Kelie and Monica
Marsea and Swoon
Ben Painting
David Ellis in True Form

Swoon Starting her mural

Here we are installing in Scope Miami. Above artists are painting murals in the street.
Super fun hanging out with them all...
This Judith image is so cool. The work looks even better in person.
Amber looking at the work she just installed with Judith
Below- Amber and Jonathan Levine

David Ellis paid the Hot dog vender $100 for a few
dogs and for letting me drive his ride!

Photographer extrodinaire, Cheryl Dunn, Lance De Los Rios,and me at Lance Armstrong's event
art show. Artist,Geoff Mc Fetridge is on the other side of Cheryl.

FYI The Judith is leaving in a week for Asia and will not be back for 4 months.
He will be creating and installing underwater installations.
So this is the last of his art showing for a while.....
He will be back better and stronger.
artists need to be free.

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