Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prism Gallery Rocks The Boat


Phil Frost Killing it!

The one below might be my favorite Phil Frost piece at the
show. I love the simplicity of palette. But I say that to all his paintings!

The bottles look fresh on this Frost scuplture.
Louis Vuitton Eat Your Heart Out!

You can usually see this guy rollerskating the boardwalk in Venice Beach- Right!!!
Not sure how he ended up at the opening - but then again the gallery is
smack dab in the middle of Sunset Strip!

Gallery Owner:PC Valmorbida, Phil,Pat,Barry and Asha

Adorables: Amber and Kelsey Brookes.
Lovely Naheed from the TV show Inked.
Jimmi and girlfriend. Jimmi is the coach of RVCA's skate team last I cheeked.
Curtis of Supreme. Cheek him out on Dlisted!!!
Artist Gary Baseman
Me and the Dr. Congratulations to The Dr. His sweet wife just had a baby girl and they named her August Blue. Love it!

Mel, Craig Stecyk, and Trace Marshall

World Surfing Champion too many times to count!
Kelly Slater!!!!!!!

Pat Tenore the founder and creator of RVCA.
You know it's happening when Cobra Snake is in da house!

We see you Ramsey !!!!

Glam, Jodie Tenore is in the middle.

Megan moved back to LA from SF to open the RVCA Store on Fairfax!
Who would have thought RVCA would open a store in the hood on
Fairfax!!! They will be opening the doors in December.

Barry, artist Clare Rojas,Kelly and friend and Asha.

As if LA has not been rocking enough lately. Now there is a tremendous new gallery- Prism in the middle of Sunset Blvd. Congratulations to Prism and Pat Tenore,Twist and Phil Frost for the beautiful show and space. This is exactly what LA needed.
It is merging the insanity of LA with the insanity of the art world! How fun is that.
They also had free drinks all night and a roof top party overlooking the entire city!
Watch out NYC!

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