Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looking for slaves / interns!

We're looking for a few good, and extremely capable interns to help out around the gallery. Duties will include organizing supplies, artwork, and tools (tidy up the office); wrapping art, lifting moderately heavy items, putting together press books, uploading images onto our website and other dirty work. You will get dirty. Let us know if you can bring your own laptop (preferred).

The gallery is open Wed-Sat from 1-6pm. Let us know what your availability is within this time frame. This in unpaid. We can offer school credit or letters of recommendation, lunch, and the good company of Marsea and myself = live entertainment. We like an intern that doesn't talk too much and can get the job done, and won't spread the gallery / office gossip, a real neat freak would be great.

Please contact the gallery at: info@newimageartgallery.com or myself at amber@newimageartgallery.com


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