Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twist At The Pasedena Armory Center for the Arts

He is not part of the installation.

Curator, Lee Tussman put the cool in the Riverside Museum of Art.

Congratulations to the Pasadena Armory celebrating it's 25 year anniversary with a whopping art show. Most of the work in the center was ok nothing to write home about.
But there were 2 stand outs--- the Ed Ruscha painting and the Barry McGee installation on Holly Street ( a few block walk is worth the hunt to find the small store
front housing Twist's work.) The space worked great with McGee's work, it even had a leak!
Bravo to the Armory for supporting this amazing creative project
by Twist and many other artists tonight and for having amazing ground breaking shows and public art classes thru the years.
The Twist exhibition around the block from the Armory is highly recommended. It is amazing to see one of the best artists out there -- work isolated in it's own building. My pathetic pics don't do it justice. Get out to Pasadena
and see this show!!!!!


Anonymous said...

same old tired repeating shows...
hang it up already.

Anonymous said...

had so much fan that night. thanks!