Monday, September 7, 2009

San Francisco The first post - Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman in his studio in the SF Mission District

I never realized how much planning and drawing goes into Richard's paintings.
Here are some drawings that were plastered on a huge wall in his studio. They
resemble Renaissance Cartoons. The work in his studio contain a tremendous amount of skill and drawing
ability not to mentions a perversely twisted and humorous narrative....
His newer works have
tighter details and a more intricate
geometric composition.

An amazing lantern in Richard's studio designed by the artist-AJ Fosik.

I was in SF the last 5 days and covered lots of ground.
Had the best time and hung out with some of my closest friends and artists.

Here are some images from the artist Richard Coleman's studio
in the Mission.

On a side note---
There is a
stoner, hippie guy who lives below his studio
who owns 2 wolves that seemed really sweet till they started howling.

Richard is working on really large works for a show in Europe and will be showing
some pieces with us during the Eden Fair Oct 22 in LA.

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ROLL said...

so cool stuff.

cheers from Poland