Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michael and Pepper's Awesome Collection

I will probably be adding to this post. This is the home of my collector's Michael and Pepper. They are both architects. I will soon be posting some of the homes Michael has designed.
Michael and Pepper ,otherwise known as the Texans, are all about supporting young artists and building an on going cohesive, mostly figurative collection. It is
effortless for them because their collecting comes from a deep and sincere place. They collect before anyone and they have listened to me most of the time! Their own vision and style proceed them...
A few of the things they have taught me is to not be afraid to overlap,use strong color in interiors and mix everything you like regardless and to collect art.
The more one collects art the more you see
it really does make sense (or maybe it doesn't) - but either way there is a lot to think about and
enjoy! They have helped tons of artists all over and have supported New Image Art thur the years. Many of the works below come from NIA. Not all of them but I forgive them!!!

This is one of my favorite artists - I just love this series of works by Iona R Brown and Iona is so cool!
A piece from the show ended up reviewed in the NY Times.

They have many Twist works this is one of the large ones.
The Great Margaret Kilgallen

Jo Jackson put skulls on the map before anyone!

This is the first Date Farmer's painting Carlos and Armando brought to the gallery(after they brought the card board drawings in the time before). This time
they bribed me with a half a case of dates... Pepper bought this painting and another one within the first minute of seeing it.
Michael and Pepper's support of the Date Farmers encouraged me and the guys... This is a very early work by the DF's. Their figures were a bit boxier then and monochromatic.

Ed Templeton

The works below were painted by Rebecca Westcott. Rebecca was run over by a drunk driver while changing her tire at the
age of 28. I gave her probably her first solo show. I am 99 percent sure of that. She is having a
show at the Smithsonian Musem in Washington DC this November. Some of the works below
will be on view. These paintings were in the bedroom I stayed in while in Houston. They
seem so important.

Matt leines
Chris Johanson
Neck Face
Chris Lindig SF artist. One of my all time favorite shows! It is nice that these works are intact.

The Bast everyone wants is in the main bedroom.

A sensitive work by Clare Rojas
The Bast Chair
Neck Face sculpture and Jerry King painting in the den

There are many more large and major works which I will try to post soon, Jeff Soto's first show
at my gallery is in their house but I could not get a good shot. Large Swoons,Faile,Caroline Hwang installation,incredible Matt leines,Cleon Petersons,more Date Farmer works....The house is in a book on Texas Interiors,
I am not sure if I am doing it justice, maybe you have to experinece it in person.

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