Tuesday, August 4, 2009


           We went to check out Mathew Rodriguez's art show after swimming in the cold spring
water way and looking at loads of  crazy stuff in antique -junk stores. I really thought 
his show was super cool and loads of fun and perfect for the small funky space where it was
ya'll. We missed the opening the night before but here are some of Mathew's images.

  Paul Insect did this a few years ago with real gold! I like this version and it's half the price!
                                                         Below are pics from the show etc.

   My super cool friends- collectors Pepper and Michael and Mathew Rodriguez who lives in Austin.

I love this tee shirt so I made him give it to me!
I just came out of a water hole so cut me some slack here!
                                                  Local-  Alexander Hamilton

                          Rodriguez nails sad faces on to trees. This was outside the gallery. 
                                     This Shepard was also outside the gallery. 

    Another art show that night in Austin

The ultimate  in street fashion!
            This mermaid was sprayed onto  someone's truck. I have a thing for mermaids!
                                              Nice Boots

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hector23 said...

in Austin huh? Hope you got some good Tex-Mex and BBQ