Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Things That Unexpectidly Inspired Me

On My Way Surfing today I saw this amazing Billboard transformed by Aeroms on the 10 freeway.
It is absolutely breathtaking and you have to work at seeing it while dodging cars...

Last night I went to a bunch of openings in BH-- Wilshire Blvd Area.
The show at Marc Selwyn Fine Art was my favorite. My inner art nerd was in hog heaven.
Andrzej Zielinski's art was the stand out.
His thickly painted,tightly drawn paintings of machines read abstractly . Zielinski's pallet is beautiful and his paint
surface is sensual and thick while being conservatively precise,and minimal.
If you are a serious nerd like me and into strong painting and solid curation this show is a goodie.

Andrzej Zielinski
Lap Tops Never Looked So colorful.. But then again
have you seen the new Macs or the ones by Vivien Tam??--- lap tops being lugged on fashion runways. I don't think so...

Inner Art Nerd Statement:
Zielinski's simplistically designed cubes function as a symbol for the alienation that lap tops have created in our society.

Here Andrzej Zielins uses the same
feeling and palette of a Matisse painting (think gold fish bowl) in his version of an ATM.

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