Saturday, May 9, 2009

MOCA Auction

The Photo I bought by NY photographer - Naomi Harris
' titled " Scorpian"
Paul Schimmel is the chief curator of MOCA. We have been friends
since the 80's . He is the curator responsible for Helter Skeltor, Ecstacy , and Murikami Shows to name a few. A big reason why MOCA has been a ground breaking institution is due
to Schimmel's curatorial brilliance.

Collector and music dude- John Rubeli
The talented,wonderful,and renoun architect Barbara Bestor.
Everyone in LA loves her and she throws the best parties
with John Huck.

Artie Nelson and Naomi Despres and friends

The one and only Gary Baseman
Brendan Fowler aka Barr

Went to the MOCA auction tonight and ended up bidding on a photograph and winning.
Ran into friends and collectors and artists from around town.
Held at the MOCA Geffen which was Designed by LA's very own Frank Gerry.
But everyone probably knows that already....
The buyers seemed generally conservative and there was a bit of the West side vibe in the house.
Still a big crowd, though I prefer a funkier gallery scene or the total snob boat.
This was somewhere between the two. They did have good snacks and brownies and drinks though. They have all the same food every year. That's LA for ya!
Due to the admission fee of $100 the funkier crowd stayed home or I should say went else- where.
I was on the list but ended up spending bucks on a photograph that was sad but true, very me!

The good news is -- it fits well in my photo collection along with Cheryl Dunns,Ed and Deanna Templetons,Spencer Tunick, Leigh LeDare,Richard Kern,Dave Schubert and a few others. I have been collecting and showing figurative- photo - documentary style photography for a long time and saw this photo by Naomi Harris.
It's a Twisted Gaugainesque - modern day beach scene.
I showed it to some of my arty pals and they said ---it is so you,
You have to get it. So I did! I felt good helping out MOCA which almost went belly up this year.

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