Saturday, May 23, 2009

Machine Projects Echo Park

Alvarado and Sunset-- Home to Machine Projects, The Echo Park Film Center a small cafe and shops.

The Film Center was closed but will check it out soon.

Adrien is a wonderful artist from SF who went to high school in Vermont with Mark of Machine Projects.
Adrien,Laurie and Mark
Mark Allen of Machine Projects

This past week my friend Laurie co-curator of the Luggage Store, SF visited. We explored a very exciting non-profit space ---
Machine Project.(located at 1200 D North Alvarado in Echo Park 90026.)
This space is crazy- part green house. part library,and yes, part machine for starters. It is the sort of spot that can help creative people with their vision and artistic constructions. And of course the public can view the results and participate.
They have performance,music, art, film, installation,poetry and other
sorts of creative projects and collaborations going on...
It is green, high and low tech. innovative,intellectual,scientific, and silly.

Here is how you make a donation -- you place your money in this tube and it is vacumed and collected at the base of the other end. Silly! Parents better hope their kid's don't get in their wallets and play watch the money get sucked up suckah!

some of the machines
the library- book store
When you purchase a book a small door opens on the floor and the book appears! Here is the magical tree stump where if you purchase a beer the drink comes up thur it's center.
The Bathroom is super cool, all mirrors!!!!

Laurie and Mark
There is also an upstairs apartment where out of town artists can stay while working on their projects.

The Basement

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