Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jim Brown's Band The Hollohs are going on Tour - Happy Earth Day

Here are a couple of dates to see the hollohs play around town. East and West side so there is no excuse.If you are in the Uk the band has a tour going on there. Jim was in the band Blue Bird before this one.
Check out the surf boards at Mollusk and book selections while there.
I just got a new Fineline board there and it is so good looking I want to frame it not to mention ride it!

If you are in LA celebrate Earth Day today and start a compost. All you have to do is
dig a hole and put in your vegetable and fruit table scraps and some leaves -- some worms also help and water it a little. super easy--- in a week or so you will have pure gold and you can put it around your trees and plants. I do this every few days and it just feels good to touch dirt and help just a little. ( watch the dog shit) OMG this is sounding like Fishsticks Paltrow's blog!

BTW we have a new show opening May 2 7-10 PM. Bast is doing a small solo show of his collages title Horse Radish
The main gallery will feature: Judith Supine, Ben Jones,Neck Face,Aaron Johnson,Cleon Peterson, Antonio Diaz and the title is Octo Pusses

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