Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Matt Furie's Animal Magnetism

We have 3 awesome artists up at the gallery this month.
The show is much different than many of our previous shows. The work is out there in a surreal, fantastic, fantasy format sort of way! Above are the works of Matt Furie who currently lives in SF.
All three of our current artists are heavily collected by other artists and are artist's artists!
Matt Furie has been collected by Matt Leines, and recently the director of the Wrestler and Pi
(not to be mistaken for "The Life of Pi")!!! Darren Aaronofsky.
Megan Whitmarsh is loved by many many artists and Faile has collected her work. She has a beautiful new book out that was published in Spain recently--- We have a few signed copies left.
CF has a serious cult following due to his drawings and amazing comic books which can be found at
Family (the best book store for sensitive and original publications) down the street from us on Fairfax. If you have not been to this book store check it out. It is very difficult to go in and not
find something you have never seen and also need desperately!

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