Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everybody wants the Doggie including me

Went to the opening at Scion.
Cool for all the Brazilian artists they brought to LA. The Brazilians visited me at NIA and were so cool I had to check out their show.
So much vitality and good vibes.
Amazing how many people go to art shows. Seems almost every show I go to is mobbed.

I brought the puppy to the opening and everyone wanted him. I was afraid Calma was going to hijack him to San Paulo. But apparently there are tons of stray dogs and cats there. Though he
was thinking about sneaking Diego - Tito Gonzales- Menudo in his bag!
Every 5 min we change the dog's name. So it ended up that Amber took the puppy home.
She bought him a cat collar and leash and a porcupine toy that he loves! I think we are going to share Chico Rodrigez Garcia. She already changed his name to Pablo Picaso and then to Tito
Monteban in the first half hour she had him.
She is giving him a bath tonight because he stinks!
I think his name should be either Menudo or Francis! Forget art and artists - dogs are more fun! Sometimes!!!!!

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Busy-Being said...

Dude - I never said Picasso! I should have named him "Sha Na Na Na" during the 18hrs that he was mine. I always think of the right words too late.