Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Are Looking for Volunteers to Help at the Gallery

Hey Now-
We are looking for helpers to help with our Anniversary Show coming up.
Must live locally and be at least 18 yrs.
Please call the gallery or email us: info@newimageartgallery.com

Here is more info about the Anniversary Show:

15 Years of New Image Art
Sat. Jan. 24th, 7 - 11pm
7910 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048

The past decade and half of New Image Art has been a wild ride! It has been the greatest honor to be able to work with and know many of our artists and gallery supporters. All the unknowns, underdogs, avant-gurardians, newbies, bad-asses, and geniuses; all of them a part of the very fabric that makes up New Image Art.

The 15 year anniversary party will serve as a retrospective show – a show of shows if you will. Many of our artists over the past 15 years have been asked to contribute in memorializing this event by representing what it is they do best. We are striving to communicate the essence of New Image Art = ultimate creativity, this is everyone’s party!!

We will be showing videos and slide presentations and inviting our favorite past musical guests for live performances, dancing, and an all around good time.

“New Image Art is a freaky-magical place. I walked in the door over nine years ago and immediately knew that whoever ran the show had a microscope aimed at my brain, because the walls were covered with even wilder versions of my dreams. The artists whose work I’ve come to know through New Image are some of the only voices I trust. I see them everywhere I go now, but I saw them at New Image first. You want a reason to love Los Angeles? It’s right here.”
– Dave White, author of Exile in Guyville

Marsea Goldberg, founder and director of LA’s New Image Art, started the gallery in 1994 in her 10x10 design studio. Since then, the gallery has grown to attract a global cult following, grabbing the interest of art lovers and collectors worldwide. Renowned for her discriminating eye and solid curatorial skills, New Image Art Gallery continues to show the works of established and emerging artists coming out of the street, skate, fine art, and surf scenes. Over the years, the gallery has launched or mobilized the careers of Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Rich Jacobs, Rebecca Westcott, Neckface, Cleon Peterson, Megan Whitmarsh, Faile, Tauba Auerbach, Matt Leines, the Date Farmers, and Bäst just to name a few.
The gallery has been featured in virtually dozens upon dozens of magazines and newspapers internationally.

Participating Artists:

Ed Templeton
Barry McGee
Clare Rojas
Deanna Templeton
Jo Jackson
Chris Johanson
Thomas Campbell
Judith Supine
Eddie Martinez
The Uncomfortable Jams
Rich Jacobs and Move
Tauba Auerbach
Chris Lindig
Shepard Fairey
Cleon Peterson
Cheryl Dunn
Geoff McFetridge
Jim Houser
Rebecca Westcott
Jeff Soto
Matt Leines
David Ellis
Date Farmers
Leigh LeDare
Os Gemeos
Kelsey Brookes
Megan Whitmarsh
Misaki Kawai
Taylor McKimens
Anthony Lister
Caroline Hwang
Suzannah Sinclair
Clayton Brothers
Christopher Garrett
Sean Cassidy
Liz Young
Cody Hudson
Karen Finley
Johanna Went
Various and Gold
Shay Nowick
Antonio Diaz
Christopher Garrett

Dolphin Force + other musical guests to be announced
Dj Alf Alpha

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