Monday, January 19, 2009

MOVE Curated By Rich Jacobs ( a show within a show)

Rich Jacobs is a person who changed my life many years ago. He turned me on to MOVE a group of artists he first curated about ten or so years ago. Soon after his first MOVE show he started
curating MOVE at New Image. Rich and his friends are building a replica of the original
New Image Art when it was upstairs and a 10 by 10 foot room. We had many amazing times
up there!!!! The lines would wind around the block to get in!!!! You could never see the art at the opening or maybe if you came early.
There was a guy who took the bus from his mental institution for a night to
make our openings! No Lie!!! Does anyone remember DWAVID??? He was the guy dressed in a white gown with the long white beard and turban who later turned into Alice Cooper!!!!
I don't think Dwavid will be there but JR hopes to make it.
Anyway to get back on track here.. Rich will be driving down from SF and will be installing
all week.
Judith Supine is making an 18 foot high 16 foot wide kinetic sculpture, Ed and Deanna are each doing photographic installations,Jose Parla is sending a piece and Shepard's piece is off the hook also a beautiful Eddie Martinez just came in....
This is going to be crazy good! XX-M

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wats the history on andre the giant???