Sunday, January 25, 2009


                                                        I  sense  a trend happening!
                                                              Erica Borboa
                                                                  Amber and Jamie 
                                               Caroline, Ashley,Deanna,Ed 

                                                        Liz Young Video of her performance here
                                                                  Cheryl Dunn
                                                              Date Farmers
                                                              Chris Johanson
                                                Artist-- Chris Johanson  in good form!
                                        3 Phil Frost Paintings all in a row.
                                   Beautiful Naheed!!!
                                  Eastside Girls Veronica and Marcella poured the wine all night!
                                   NO AGE !!!!
                                   NIA early supporters and collectors DV and Artie Nelson.
                                  Caroline Hwang and Saelee Oh shine on.
                                    Shane and Our Favorite MILF Tara!!!
                                   Designer/artist  Rory and innovative fashion  designer Kristen have been at      our openings   longer than almost anyone!!! I think they started visiting when they were in Jr      High!

                                  Sir Neck doing his thing.
All night long both galleries this mobbed!
Ed took this one of Marsea And Deanna and that is green gum.

Chris Johanson's Explosion sold to an Australian Collector.
Chris Johanson one of the best of the best came down from
Portland with Jo Jackson and Raisin for the Party!!!

We will be around the gallery on Monday Jan 26th in the afternoon.
Please call the gallery 323 654 2192 if you want to see the show
Monday or Tuesday.
Wednesday - Saturday we are open 1-6 or later....

Much Thanks to all of you for coming out and supporting the gallery and our artists.
No Age first show ever was at New Image Art. Did they rock the house or what??
Also DJ Alf Alpha killed it. Right...
We might have a closing party so stay tuned.

Special thanks to Amber Abramson,Rich Jacobs and Move and Kate, Judith Supine, Chris,Neck Face,Derrick the new intern, Veronica, the Texan's,Jeff Soto,Marissa,Shepard Fairey,
Jordan,Marcella,Dustin of Anthem Magazine,RVCA,Matt Rivelli,Marcella the Tarot reader,Chris and Jo, All the artists!!!!Kashy, Dr. Romanelli, Juxtapoz,Fecal Face,Super Touch, Min, Laurie and Darryl,Pam the neighbor,Tara McKinley,Valerie Palmer,Nahid, Liz Rice,Thomas Campbell,
Pat Tenore,Spanky and Braden,Augsute,Ed and Deanna Templeton,Phil Frost,Megan Whitmarsh,Camilla and Henrik,Cleon Petreson, The Date Farmers,Barry and Clare,Kelsey Brookes, media temple,Upper Playgorund, all of our art fans and fabulous supportive collectors, and art lovers and friends everywhere!!!

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