Saturday, November 22, 2008

Faile Show In London

Faile sent me these images and will have work in our Anniversary show Jan 2009. Their show 
looks totally amazing. Passionate and Political. 
Bold new imagery capturing the recent  atmosphere of the US of A's  political climate. 
Faile's on going theme of Good vs. Evil is depicted in their  highly sophisticated typography  and their elaborate figuration of
American Indian motifs, women and warriors...  
 These paintings somehow capture the pre- election feeling - good vs evil. You know the outcome! 
 I saw these works in their NYC studio  pre show.
Am totally in awe of Faile's brave  growth as visionaries of our time.
 This  work needs to resinate for it's true meaning and depth to surface. Like all great art -- it depicts the times 
in which it was created pushing the  general public to catch up. 

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