Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ed T's photos of a homeless woman

Here are some pics Ed took of a homeless woman passed out on our next door neighbor's landing during his wife's Deanna's opening. Liz Rice and I were outside and we grabbed ed to take a photo of her. she looked totally sensual as well as deeply tragic
in a twisted yet beautiful way. She reminded me of
an updated--- urban version of the French Painter Henri Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy painting.
Ed being sooo sensitive - was debating if it was ok to take her photo.
He did not want to take advantage of the situation...
We encouraged him to do it for art's sake and not miss the shot of her under the moon light i mean neon light.
So he slowly goes up to take the shot and out of no where
come her men really pissed off.
Somehow ed got out of it unscathed.
I gave the guys some water for her,closed the metal security door and got a drink.

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